Amelia Womack (she/her)

Amelia Womack (she/her)

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Amelia and Tamsin are uniquely placed to secure Green wins across the country. 

Amelia has seven years experience on the leadership team, and carries with her the learnings of the last three General Elections. She has overseen the biggest surge in the party's members, voters and councillors in the party's history, and from those foundations will be working to secure big victories for local parties  up and down the country.

Fused with Tamsin's knowledge of building movements that have consistently shifted public conversation on the climate and ecological emergency and won the argument against environmentally destructive policies (such as Tamsin’s pivotal role in opposition to Heathrow’s third runway, London City Airport, the sale of England’s public forest estate and the anti-fracking campaigns)  , together they will build and expand on the vital wins that the Green party needs to get Greens elected up and down the country. Tamsin and Amelia are perfectly placed  to get Greens elected so that we can  put  policies in place to make change happen for our generation and for generations to come.

We have unique challenges ahead of us with a government ignoring the climate crisis and likely to impose an austerity agenda. Amelia and Tamsin will not only challenge and hold Governments to account, but also win people to our vision of a Green future, one where we tackle inequality while remaining below 1.5 degrees of warming.

They both have extensive media experience with impressive media appearances on the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Sky News, Newsnight, Good Morning Britain, BBC Breakfast, Politics Live - in every major newspaper - and in the fashion and cultural magazines that define public opinion.

Amelia has also recently represented the party in a leaders debate, where she inspired people with the Green Party's radical yet rational policies. 

This is a chance for us to win big electrorally, and to win big on campaigns. Tamsin’s experience has seen them consistently deliver wins for a variety of organisations. As head of global campaigns at Lush Cosmetics they oversaw the successful Fighting Animal Testing campaign from conception to launch and victory - through more than 1,000 shops in 50 countries. The viral video they created to launch that campaign has had more than 3million views. As part of the Charity Pot funding team, they delivered hundreds of thousands of pounds to grassroots anti-fracking campaigns. They raised over £1 million as a founding member of Extinction Rebellion, whilst helping coordinate declarations of a climate emergency from world organisations and governments (including the UK Parliament).

To add to this credibility, Amelia has a background of experience in working to secure changes for social and environmental justice. With a BSc in Environmental Biology and an MSc in Environmental technology, her work always comes from a scientific perspective. As co-chair of the People’s Assembly she has consistently fought against the austerity agenda, and helped to shape the left-wing perspective of the EU Referendum through co-founding Another Europe is Possible.

She has also worked collaboratively to send clear messages on specific issues such as working cross-party to help make misogyny a hate-crime as well as with musicians and artists at the start of lockdown to show how a UBI would support our vital cultural industries. 

They have both worked to support diverse and marginalised communities with Amelia ring fencing funding to help to remove the barriers that prevent diverse candidates standing for elections, such as child care costs or even deposits. Tamsin ran an intersectional workshop on diversifying the Green Party while they were Campaigns Coordinator on GPex, and has supported BIPOC communities in Newham whose lives are blighted by London City Airport and nations on the front-line of climate change - during their work on the Marshall Island delegation at COP24.

Amelia and Tamsin will use all these skills and experiences to turn this moment of climate chaos and social injustice into effective political change.

Tamsin Omond (they/them)

Tamsin Omond (they/them)